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Tucana Wax Melts

  • A Sparkling and Crisp blend of Citrus, Italian Bergomot, Neroli & Amber.
  • Weighing an approximate 20g each, these melts are huge!
  • Each star melt provides on average at least 20 hours of beautiful fragrance.
  • Only to be used in wax warmers designed for wax melts.
  • 100% Soy Wax – plant based, sustainable, renewable & biodegradable.
  • High quality paraben free fragrance oils.
  • Personally hand poured in small batches.
Please always follow the safety instructions provided.



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4 reviews for Tucana – Wax Melts

  1. Chloe Shearer (verified owner)

    Crisp, unique and one of my top favourites of all time. House smells so clean and lifts your mood, love it.

  2. Darren McCullough (verified owner)

    Tucana is a very very sexy fragrance. This powerhouse of a scent is a really complex mix of clean, zest, and sensuality all rolled into one. It is a really unique scent that quickly fills the area you are warming it in. The scent is uplifting in a sensual way, and kind of reminds me of a really expensive spa.

  3. Arthemize Mitchell (verified owner)

    Tucana is my absolute favourite! Such a strong, clean, fresh & uplifting scent. Smells very similar to TF Neroli Portofino. Hoping to see this soon in a diffuser!

  4. lornaj.tilley (verified owner)

    You An amazing fragrance. Very different/zesty! Can smell it for ages, even when not lit.

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