Due to last years amazing popularity, we’re pleased to announce our Stardust Candle Company Official Christmas Calendar is coming back again for 2021!!

We were so overwhelmed by the uptake in our calendars 2020 (All 80 sold out again within hours of release) that we’ve done it again for this festive season. We’re not joking when we say these sell out very quickly!!

Neatly nestled in our amazing large magnetic gift box you’ll find 25 of our signature Wax Melts, with the last one, for the special day being a bumper double-star!!

Each day you’ll rummage through your melts seeing our own stardust customer printed numbers and find todays number to reveal the star of the day!

Also, hidden amongst the 25 are at least 7 brand new exclusive fragrances that will never be seen on general sale!!

This festive box has well over 500 hours of burn time!! Surely that’s enough to see you through December, right?

*Please Note*

These Christmas Calendars are on a strict limited numbers and are first come, first served.


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