About us

About Us

Hi everyone, Amanda here

Welcome to my website, Stardust Candle Company.
I’m thrilled you’ve chosen to be a part of my incredible journey, a journey that began over a year ago. Towards the end of 2017 I began researching, learning and testing the art of candle making because of my love of scented candles. Over the years I found myself constantly disappointed with the candles I bought due to them burning incorrectly, the scent not living up to their claims and some would even aggravate my husband’s allergies. I started by testing different soy waxes that I liked, learning the art and science behind soy wax, testing what seemed like a thousand wicks and fragrances. This continued until I was happy with a formula that worked well and I instantly became hooked, I continued experimenting, making and testing more combinations, improving all the while.

I fell in love with the durability of soy wax and it’s clean burning properties, the way in which it slowly releases its fragrance and ability to last so much longer compared to paraffin candles makes it the perfect accompaniment to any artisan oil. In our home we have our little boy Teddy, who is 2 and his older sister, Nieve who is 13 years old. Nieve has nicknamed me ‘the crazy candle lady’ because of my obsession with making and testing of candles, they’re all around our home, each one with its own notepad awaiting the next set of notes from its latest burning session.

I have an amazing husband who has supported me every step of the way to fulfil my dream of creating an amazing product, one that I can share with all of you today. I’m the maker and creator of our beautiful candles, but this is only part of the rollercoaster. We decided after using various label & packaging companies to go it our own and purchase our own professional printer and software. With my families help we now design & create each of our candles in their entirety. It was my little boy who inspired me to name my business Stardust Candle Company due to his obsession with the night stars and ‘Star’ it being his first ever word. Then, along came the idea to name my candles after the stars & planets from across our galaxies to make them a little more unique to our brand. Each name has had been through multiple family conversations, usually over the dinner table and rather than just plucking nice sounding names from the internet, instead we researched the stars, planets and ancient Greek Gods for inspiration to match each candle. Castor forms part of our Signature range and is derived from the Greek name Καστωρ (Kas-tor) which means ‘to excel and to shine’.

Altair is the brightest star in the constellation of Aquila and the twelfth brightest star in the night sky. To look at it, it’s vibrant blue in colour which I believe perfectly suits the Wild Freesia, Lavender and Lime that radiates when used. Each has its own story that I’m only too happy to share!

All our candles are handmade by myself and blended with beautiful unique high-quality artisan fragrance oils. Soy wax needs time to rest once poured and bind with the fragrance oil so that it fills your home with a beautiful aroma. I’m constantly making, creating and building up my stock of candles to ensure they are cured, this way they’re ready to post out immediately so you don’t have to wait.

I wanted to move away from the ‘norm’ making candles to order as this unfortunately means that you, the customer is either waiting for your candle to be made or even worse, are burning a candle at home that hasn’t had time to correctly cure, not experiencing the full potential of the fragrance. I wouldn’t wish to ever misguide anyone so in rare occasions, when unexpected busier periods occur you may receive a small, personalised note with your candle which simply contains an advisory date. This will ask you to leave your candle with its lid closed for a few more days before you light it, so it cures a little bit longer and reaches its full potential.

I only ever use 100% eco soy wax and all my fragrance oils paraben free, each candle is 100% vegan friendly and completely paraffin & lead free.I hope you love burning my candles as much as we, my family and friends do at home. More scents will be added along the way!

Mission Statement

Welcome to the home of Stardust Candle Company.
The home of our long burning, highly scented, 100% natural soy wax Candles & Wax Melts!!

All of our Candles & Melts are made by my own two hands using only 100% soy wax, high quality artisan oils, the best cotton wicks, and always, buckets of love. Everything I make is hand poured, wicked, cured, and packaged with love & care.

I never add any colours, hardeners, additives, or stabilizers to any of my products. This way you can rest assured you are getting only the highest quality, 100% pure natural soy wax. All of our Candles & Melts are made in small batches & I take great pride in my craft to ensure you get only the very best product delivered to your home. The ingredients I use are always fully tested, usually perfecting each fragrance takes 3 to 6 months from start to finish.

All of our products are made with 100% soy wax with no additives. It is non toxic, Vegan friendly, certified kosher, never ever tested on animals, contains no animal products, and contains no pesticides, no herbicides and no toxic materials.
Soy wax burns at a much cooler temperature than traditional paraffin wax blends and has a much, much longer burn time, so you can be confident that you are getting the most out of every candle!

My promise to you is that you will receive a quality Soy Wax product, made with love and inferior to no other! I take great pride in my work and I will never resort to cutting corners for sales & profit, I hope to keep and add to my loyal customer base through honesty and hard work, not through misdirection or through misleading hard-sales tactics.

I love what I do and how I do it, I can only hope you feel the same burning my Candles and Melts as I do making them xx Amanda Cook Founder & Creator.