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Wax Melt - Sample

Still not 100% sure which fragrance to select yet? We've got you covered!

Try a full size Wax Melt from our range, weighing an approximate 20g each, these melts are huge!

Each star melt provides an average of 12 - 16 hours of beautiful fragrance and can now be purchased seperately.

Select your chosen fragrance from the drop down menu below and add to your basket today!

Choose from:

  • Adhara - Exotic blend of Herbs and Spices, with Jasmine, Orange & Grapefruit. Base notes of Rich Amber & Sweet Vanilla.


  • Altair - A wonderful fresh blend of wild Freesia, lime and lavender. Base notes of sandalwood.
    Alula - Juicy Black Plum with fresh Rhubarb, Pear & Peach.


  • Antares - A fizzy fragrance with Cherry, Strawberry, Berries & Sweet Vanilla.


  • Apollo - A superb blend of blackcurrants from Corsica, Italian bergamot, Calville Blanc French apples and Louisiana birch.


  • Bellatrix - A gorgeous mix of sweet Iris & warm Jasmin Sambac Absolute. Base notes of Orange Blossom & Patchouli.


  • Betelgeuse - A refreshing blend of Watermelon, Blackberry & Vanilla Bean.


  • Calypso - Lemongrass, lemon peel &Kaffir lime. With base notes of fresh pineapple, melon, grapefruit & juicy mango.


  • Capella - Warm blend of fiery Embers and smokey incense blended perfectly with fresh Hay, Tobacco leaf and Honey. Base notes of Amber & Musk.


  • Castor - A deep Musk blended with notes of Fern, Orris, Soft Violet & Jasmine. Base notes of Musk & Sandalwood.


  • ***Eris - A Beautiful classic scent of Bergamot, Cassis & Mandarin with Neroli, Jasmine & Rose. Base notes of Vanilla & Patchouli.


  • Eros - The classic cocktail Sex on the Beach! Fresh Pineapple, Orange, Cranberries mixed with Vodka & Peach Schnapps.


  • Hypnos - A relaxing blend of French Lavender, rustic Amber with Bergamot. Base notes of Tonka Bean & Vanilla.


  • ***Icarus - An eccentric overload of Strawberries, Grape, Blueberry & Pear with an underlying sweet base.


  • Maple Spice - A fresh blend of Orange, Cinnamon & Clove. Underlying base notes of Maple Syrup, Vanilla & Caramel.


  • Minkar - A smooth, sweet blend of Hazelnut, Sea Salt, Crème Caramel & Pecan. Base notes of Tonka Bean & Condensed Milk.


  • Mira - A fresh, zesty citrus hit of lime, Lemon zest & mandarin. With beautiful base notes of basil, Jasmine & herbs.


  • Nebula - An iconic sensuous blend of Black Truffle & Ylang with fresh Bergamot. Beautiful Blackcurrant base notes.


  • Neptune - A beautiful floral blend of Bluebells, Jasmine & Lily.


  • Phoenix - Spicy & Fresh with hints of Clove, Fir Needle, Orange Peel, Strawberry & Hyacinth. Base notes of Patchouli & Musk.


  • Picus - A beautiful passion fruit cocktail of Paw Paw, Pink Grapefruit & Mandarin.  Base notes of peach, apple & blackcurrant.


  • Pomona - A strong fruity blend of Banana & Bubblegum.   With base notes of Kiwi fruit, Vanilla & fresh Strawberries.


  • Rana - Rich blend of Tigerlillies with hints of Juicy Melon. Base notes of Patchouli & Musk.


  • Silvanus - A tantalising fusion of fresh coconut & lime. Soothed by luscious base notes of vanilla, Buttermilk & Peach.

  • Sirius - A fresh, uplifting Cotton Candy & Bubblegum fragrance.

  • ***Titan - Juicy Plum, Pomegranate & fresh roses. Mid tones of Cedarwood, Violet leaf & Spices with base notes of Amber & Leather.

  • Uranus - A fresh aroma of Cucumber, Ginger, Mint & Sea Salt.


  • Vega - Sensual & Oriental blend of Exotic Spices blends perfectly with Rose, Geranium, Cinnamon Bark and Clove Leaf. Base notes of rare oud wood & Musk.#


    Random - Can't decide? Let us take the chance to send you one of our favourites!  

    ***Watch this space - Coming in stock soon!!!



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